Foss & Fedora: Onboarding new contributors

As I was looking to make my first contribution to Fedora. This event was important for me to attend.

Speaker of the event:

  • Amita Sharma .She is working as Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (tester) at Red Hat office, based in Pune.She is excited about Fedora QA, people and events. She is also contributing to Fedora QA and Fedora diversity majorly.She has been actively helping new contributors(specially women) to contribute in Fedora project.
  • Devyani Kota and Kanika Murarka. All are intern at Red Hat, Bangalore and contributing to Fedora project.



The speakers let us knew about FOSS, how to start contributing  with fedora, how open source contribution benefits us. Speakers also shared their journey to fedora contributing and devyani also let us knew how she got intern at RedHat. After this we were allowed to ask question.



Mozilla Jharkhand Planning @ Hangout

After the MIM 2016 meetup every mozillian from Jharkhand had lots of views towards the growth of Mozilla Jharkhand Community and to make it all together we decided to make hangout call on 15 September but as only few were free so we had the hangout call on 16 September.



We discussed on various topic like:

  • How to approach to colleges for events
  • How to get more local contributors
  • How to plan for events as no one is currently staying in jharkhand except Amit singh
  • How to make Mozilla jharkhand community active
  • How other Mozillia Community are working

Then we wrote our plans on public eatherpad. which can be find on the given link below:

Solved First Bug of

Was been always excited for {code contributing}. After working with python and django I thought of contributing my codes at mozilla . Looked for Python, django bug at BugZilla asked Alex Gibson [web developer @ mozilla] to assign me , after getting assigned I started working. Thanks for mentoring Alex without him it was not possible.

So First I was asked to fork Github Repo Bedrock and locally setup dev environment. Managed this by reading official doc. Setting up Bedrock was not a easy task but some how managed to.Then started working with bug and was able to fix , then submitted my patch a github and oafter this I was waiting to get my code accepted by mozilla and finally at 1 am I got mail and my code was accepted by mozilla.





Thanks to Mozilla!!

Cheers to open source!!

mozAwareness @ Jharkhand Rai University


This was the first Mozilla Awareness Event organized by Mozilla Jharkhand Community on 4th April 2016 at Jharkhand Rai University. Organising this event was not a easy task for Mozilla Jharkhand Community as their are only few active contributers :

1.Gautam Sharma

2.Amit Singh(Me)

3.Sharique Moiz

4.Ravi Kumbhkar

We four set a mission to make aware every single School’s, College’s, Universities around Jharkhand about Mozilla mission, its product, its projects, and the platform it provides for student.This event could not be possible without Ravi Kumbhkar and Sharique Moiz.

Agenda :

  1. About Mozilla
  2. What is open source
  3. Mozilla Mission
  4. Mozilla Product
  5. FSA Program
  6. Mozilla REPs Program
  7. How to contibute & Get involved with Mozilla
  8. About Mozilla Jharkhand Community
  9. Women in Mozilla (WoMoz)
  10. Advantages in further education


20160404_133611 20160404_132308

20160404_133925 20160404_141137 20160404_133920 amitsingh_firefox_os

Before I start , I would like to thank Sharique because he wake up early in morning and travelled a long way to conduct this event. We (Sharique and me) both started the event around 1:20 pm their were lots of student present to attend Mozilla Awareness Event. We started with with our introduction and before we start explaing student about Mozilla we asked them What you guys know about mozilla all started saying mozilla firefox browser then sharique made them understand mozilla is not only a browser its more than that.Then we started making them aware about each and everything about mozilla. Sharique took few sections and after that I started speaking about remaing sections. I was extremly excited about speaking and making students aware. The time when we introduced them to Webmaker Tools,  Thimble, Popcorn, AppMaker and X-Ray Goggles students asked us we want to learn using these tools but as it was a awareness program we only shown them few Apps developed with Appmaker and Remixed Webpages with Thimbel.And then we introduced them to WoMoz(Women in Mozilla) and Myth and Reality. And at last we called few students and asked them about mozilla atlest at the end they came to know its not only Mozilla Firefox Browser its more than that and the event ended around 4 pm.



Special Thanks(Sharique Moiz, Ravi Kumbhkhar and Asst. Professor Sudhanshu Maurya at Jharkhand Rai University)


Thanks to Mozilla!!

Cheers to open source!!

Grow mozJharkhand @ Ranchi


After a long time I’ve decided to organize an event with few students from Ranchi,Jharkhand , to spread awareness towards Mozilla Contribution. As we all are aware that mozilla Jharkhand needs to grow at a faster pace. Currently being the only FSA representative from ranchi I had set a mission to gather  students across all colleges of the state sharing the same interest. Thanks to social media, I’ve come across few tech geeks from BIT,Lalpur . The event was organized in one of the students room . At first, I introduced them to Mozilla, its products and the platform provided by them to the interested students. I explained to them the procedure to become an FSA and the things they follow.


Agenda :

  1. Why join FSA ?
  2. Advantages in further education
  3. Enhancement and development of tech knowledge
  4. Places where mozillians can contribute :
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Localization
  • Helping
  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Teaching

Further, we discussed the Recognition system at Mozilla. Also we discussed about the growth chart of an FSA and the three phases of the recognition system i.e,

  1. Trainee
  2. Junior
  3. Senior

And the methods to achieve these positions.

From this event my aim was to spread awareness about Mozilla and to guide them to become an FSA, as we do not have a large number of FSA’s from Jharkhand .

We are small but ready for a BIG IMPACT!!

Finally  we will see some new faces in mozilla Jharkhand FSA.

*For Sumantro: Hey sumantro I think i found your small brother the guy who is standing at left-side .

Thanks to Mozilla!!

Cheers to open source!!



On 1st August 2015 as there was the season of Mozilla Maker Party.So, I planned to host a Kitchen Party in Ranchi , this was the first Mozilla event which was organized in history of Ranchi,Jharkhand.
This event was for beginners those who wanted to start with Mozilla Webmaker ,Localization,Appmaker,HTML.Before I start telling you all about the event ,let me tell you first what is KitchenParty?.


The event was started at 2 p.m. and finished at 4 p.m.It went for 2 hours and in these two hours following are the things that we discussed:

1)I have given introduction about Mozilla mission and Mozilla product.

2)Taught how to create your own webpage.

3)Gave basic knowledge of programming languages that are used in creating a webpage.(HTML and CSS)

4)How to use Thimble to create webpage.

5)How to Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles.

6)How to remix video with Popcorn Maker.

7)How to create app with AppMaker.

8)Their was talk about latest technology.

I started the event wih the introduction I was glad know that the participants were eager to know more about it.Then I introduced them to Mozilla Webmaker Tools i.e., Thimble,X-Ray Goggles,Popcorn Maker,AppMaker and then we used these tool to create webpage,remix video,create app.After this we had some snacks and during the snacks we discussed about the latest technologies.

IMG_20150810_135720                rahul

Thanks to Ravi Khumbhkar for helping me out!!

Hope their could be a big Mozilla event in Ranchi,Jharkhand. well I think its going to happen on November 2015.

Thanks to Mozilla!!

Chears to open source!!

First shot with appmaker @Mozilla Appmaker


Hello!! guys.First of all I would like to tell you all about what is “Mozilla Appmaker”.It is a free tool for creating personal mobile apps without any coding knowledge. Individual ‘bricks’ are combined to create and share custom mobile apps inside your web browser. It is Mozilla’s first experiment in a series of tools, platforms, programs and studies designed to provide a mobile experience which encourages free, decentralized, functional user content creation. One of the project’s ongoing principal goals is to learn about and respond to the usage patterns (current or prospective) of mobile device users around the world.


So,Now I will tell you what I did with Mozilla Appmaker.I have create a simple app which all the deatils of #makerparty,What is Mozilla Maker Party and how to make party.It has some usefull guide and tips all about Mozilla Maker Party.

Thanks to Mozilla!!

Chears to open source!!