mozAwareness @ Jharkhand Rai University


This was the first Mozilla Awareness Event organized by Mozilla Jharkhand Community on 4th April 2016 at Jharkhand Rai University. Organising this event was not a easy task for Mozilla Jharkhand Community as their are only few active contributers :

1.Gautam Sharma

2.Amit Singh(Me)

3.Sharique Moiz

4.Ravi Kumbhkar

We four set a mission to make aware every single School’s, College’s, Universities around Jharkhand about Mozilla mission, its product, its projects, and the platform it provides for student.This event could not be possible without Ravi Kumbhkar and Sharique Moiz.

Agenda :

  1. About Mozilla
  2. What is open source
  3. Mozilla Mission
  4. Mozilla Product
  5. FSA Program
  6. Mozilla REPs Program
  7. How to contibute & Get involved with Mozilla
  8. About Mozilla Jharkhand Community
  9. Women in Mozilla (WoMoz)
  10. Advantages in further education


20160404_133611 20160404_132308

20160404_133925 20160404_141137 20160404_133920 amitsingh_firefox_os

Before I start , I would like to thank Sharique because he wake up early in morning and travelled a long way to conduct this event. We (Sharique and me) both started the event around 1:20 pm their were lots of student present to attend Mozilla Awareness Event. We started with with our introduction and before we start explaing student about Mozilla we asked them What you guys know about mozilla all started saying mozilla firefox browser then sharique made them understand mozilla is not only a browser its more than that.Then we started making them aware about each and everything about mozilla. Sharique took few sections and after that I started speaking about remaing sections. I was extremly excited about speaking and making students aware. The time when we introduced them to Webmaker Tools,  Thimble, Popcorn, AppMaker and X-Ray Goggles students asked us we want to learn using these tools but as it was a awareness program we only shown them few Apps developed with Appmaker and Remixed Webpages with Thimbel.And then we introduced them to WoMoz(Women in Mozilla) and Myth and Reality. And at last we called few students and asked them about mozilla atlest at the end they came to know its not only Mozilla Firefox Browser its more than that and the event ended around 4 pm.



Special Thanks(Sharique Moiz, Ravi Kumbhkhar and Asst. Professor Sudhanshu Maurya at Jharkhand Rai University)


Thanks to Mozilla!!

Cheers to open source!!


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