Grow mozJharkhand @ Ranchi


After a long time I’ve decided to organize an event with few students from Ranchi,Jharkhand , to spread awareness towards Mozilla Contribution. As we all are aware that mozilla Jharkhand needs to grow at a faster pace. Currently being the only FSA representative from ranchi I had set a mission to gather  students across all colleges of the state sharing the same interest. Thanks to social media, I’ve come across few tech geeks from BIT,Lalpur . The event was organized in one of the students room . At first, I introduced them to Mozilla, its products and the platform provided by them to the interested students. I explained to them the procedure to become an FSA and the things they follow.


Agenda :

  1. Why join FSA ?
  2. Advantages in further education
  3. Enhancement and development of tech knowledge
  4. Places where mozillians can contribute :
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Localization
  • Helping
  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Teaching

Further, we discussed the Recognition system at Mozilla. Also we discussed about the growth chart of an FSA and the three phases of the recognition system i.e,

  1. Trainee
  2. Junior
  3. Senior

And the methods to achieve these positions.

From this event my aim was to spread awareness about Mozilla and to guide them to become an FSA, as we do not have a large number of FSA’s from Jharkhand .

We are small but ready for a BIG IMPACT!!

Finally  we will see some new faces in mozilla Jharkhand FSA.

*For Sumantro: Hey sumantro I think i found your small brother the guy who is standing at left-side .

Thanks to Mozilla!!

Cheers to open source!!


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