On 1st August 2015 as there was the season of Mozilla Maker Party.So, I planned to host a Kitchen Party in Ranchi , this was the first Mozilla event which was organized in history of Ranchi,Jharkhand.
This event was for beginners those who wanted to start with Mozilla Webmaker ,Localization,Appmaker,HTML.Before I start telling you all about the event ,let me tell you first what is KitchenParty?.


The event was started at 2 p.m. and finished at 4 p.m.It went for 2 hours and in these two hours following are the things that we discussed:

1)I have given introduction about Mozilla mission and Mozilla product.

2)Taught how to create your own webpage.

3)Gave basic knowledge of programming languages that are used in creating a webpage.(HTML and CSS)

4)How to use Thimble to create webpage.

5)How to Hack the Web with X-Ray Goggles.

6)How to remix video with Popcorn Maker.

7)How to create app with AppMaker.

8)Their was talk about latest technology.

I started the event wih the introduction I was glad know that the participants were eager to know more about it.Then I introduced them to Mozilla Webmaker Tools i.e., Thimble,X-Ray Goggles,Popcorn Maker,AppMaker and then we used these tool to create webpage,remix video,create app.After this we had some snacks and during the snacks we discussed about the latest technologies.

IMG_20150810_135720                rahul

Thanks to Ravi Khumbhkar for helping me out!!

Hope their could be a big Mozilla event in Ranchi,Jharkhand. well I think its going to happen on November 2015.

Thanks to Mozilla!!

Chears to open source!!


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