First shot with appmaker @Mozilla Appmaker


Hello!! guys.First of all I would like to tell you all about what is “Mozilla Appmaker”.It is a free tool for creating personal mobile apps without any coding knowledge. Individual ‘bricks’ are combined to create and share custom mobile apps inside your web browser. It is Mozilla’s first experiment in a series of tools, platforms, programs and studies designed to provide a mobile experience which encourages free, decentralized, functional user content creation. One of the project’s ongoing principal goals is to learn about and respond to the usage patterns (current or prospective) of mobile device users around the world.


So,Now I will tell you what I did with Mozilla Appmaker.I have create a simple app which all the deatils of #makerparty,What is Mozilla Maker Party and how to make party.It has some usefull guide and tips all about Mozilla Maker Party.

Thanks to Mozilla!!

Chears to open source!!


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