Mozilla And Me

MozillaIndiaIt all stared when I came to know about Mozilla is open source and it could be a platform for where I can show my skills and stand a chance to show what I have got.I went deep learning all the thing about Mozilla Firefox.I knew about contribution how I can contribute to Mozilla in various platforms like working in add ons,in solving bugs @bugzilla,teaching,translating the content in different languages,and in all the various platform.Then I started contributing to Mozilla from July 2015.Their were many people who guided me very smartly some of them are Sumantro and Priayanshu from kolkata they both let me know how i can start my contribution in Mozilla , Anup mishra from delhi he asked me to do some of the contribution tasks,Ravi kumbhkar from banglore he has been always in touch with me he introduced me to maker party ,appmaker,and webmaker  things.Thank to all of you guys.Finally started my contribution to Mozilla.1175260_444664515671111_2905715778127422364_n2

This is for Mozilla!!

chears to open source!!


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