Mozilla Awareness at Govt. Polytechnic Ranchi

Hello all, This is our first Mozilla event at Government Polytechnic Ranchi.

So, for few months I was planning to target some Government colleges for Mozilla event and for this I created list of Government colleges that I was supposed to target for Mozilla event and GP Ranchi was one of them.

How I approached the college.

Approaching the college was not easy for me as I was alone for the time and it was bit difficult for me, but I still managed.  I looked for the college contact on Internet as I was unable to get the proper contacts and information. I went to the college during the 2nd week of December 2017 and as the college Principal was not their the time when I reached the college, I had to wait for 2 and a half hour to meet with him. After Principal came I went to meet with him. I first introduced myself like what things I do and Why I want to organize event in the college and after the discussion. Sir asked me to mail the event time and details to the Email Id.

Request to organize the event

After I reached home I drafted an email request for organizing the Mozilla event at College. As the College was closed during winter vacation , I didn’t got any response from the college. On January 2018 25th I  got call from the College Principal and asked me to meet and fix the date for the event.

Meeting for Mozilla Event

I and Prateek went to meet with college Principal again for the Mozilla event and he introduced us to  the Training and Placement in-charge of the college and asked us to get in touch with him for further Mozilla event. We went to see the class room where we were supposed to conduct the event and also let him knew things which we will need form the college during the event as the class room was smart class we didn’t had any problem.

Sent Notice to College

After fixing the date I sent the notice and poster to the college for event and also sent the agenda of the event.

Event Day

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I, Prateek and new contributors Saket and Badal went for the event. We had a great welcome by the student and teachers. I started with with

  • My Introduction
  • Introduce about Mozilla
  • What is Opensource
  • About Mozilla Communities
  • How Mozilla Jharkhand Community came
  • Mozilla Products and Mozilla Projects
  • Talked about Mozilla QA
  • How to contribute to Mozilla QA

After this Prateek, Saket and Badal introduced the student to different projects of Mozilla, Aframe, Rust, WebCompat, L10n. And during the event we also distributed swags to the student, after this we had our QA session where student asked lots of questions and we helped student to clear all their doubts and this is one of the reason why student are requesting for another Mozilla event where they can know how to contribute to the projects and we can guide theme during the contributing process.

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This was the another college in which I organized the event and I was really very happy as the student also showed interest towards the event and soon we will be having our next event in the college.


Do what you Love, and Love what you Do!!


Mozilla Jharkhand Community Meetup

Mozilla India

As we planned to organize Mozilla Awareness event at Government Polytechnic Ranchi on 10th Feb 2018. We organized community meet-up to discuss about the event and also asked few people to volunteer for the event. And after the discussion regarding the event , we focused on our community.

  • Why their are only few contributors from Mozilla Jharkhand Community
  • Problems our community is facing
  • How to over come the problems and
  • How to build a good community with active contributors
  • Follow-ups of campus club students.
  • Organizing events, workshop, training every 15 – 20 days

As few members were busy I asked them to look for the possible solution that our community should implement to overcome the problems and we will be discussing our solution and strategies in coming meet-up or hangout call.

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Thanks to everyone for give your busy time to community without you all it was not possible.


Quality Assurance in 2017 Contributor

QA Glimpse of 2017

Mozilla QA 2017 Contributors

The day when the find the blog  I saw my name was listed for making successful contribution towards Quality Assurance in 2017 year. and I was very happy. The main thing is that I have just started and was able to make successful contribution and this keeps me motivating towards more and more successful contribution.


Do what you Love , Love what you do!!

Mozilla QA Firefox 58 Beta 10 Testday Results

Amit Kumar Singh | Firefox 58 Beta 10 Testday Results

I have just started to contribute to Mozilla QA and my first contribution made to the list. I was very happy after seeing the Firefox 58 Beta 10 Testday Results and the bugs that were verified.  Mozilla India QA team is very active mainly most of the contributors are from Mozilla Tamilnadu and I was the one who was representing Mozilla Jharkhand Community.

Mozilla Quality Assurance and Me

Related image

For the long time I have been contributing to Mozilla and this time I planned to start contributing to Mozilla QA.  I joined the Mozilla India Quality Assurance group in telegram their were really interesting who have been contributing to QA and as I was new to the group. I first introduced myself after that everyone welcome me and the same time I saw the pinned message in telegram group regarding the QA event.

Then I asked few active contributors how to successfully contribute to QA. They all helped to start my contribution with QA even Surentharan Blog was great help to starting with bug verification day []. I also that Fahima for helping me to understand Bug Triage with a great link [] .After understanding how to do QA, I started to make contribution towards Mozilla QA from Mozilla India Team. 


Do what you Love, Love what you do!!

MozAarambh @ Jharkhand Rai University

Mozilla India

After Mozilla Jharkhand Planning  @ Hangout we planned for few events in Jharkhand but as their was no one except me for the time we were not able to organize the event, for organizing big event we need at-least 2-3 volunteer to organize events. After few months  Shahbaz let me knew he will be coming to Ranchi,Jharkhand and the day he reached I call him and went to meet with me. We then discussed about the event for Rai University and then I sent mail regarding the event to the Prof. Shudhanshu regarding the event and I , Shahbaz, Mahtab, went to meet Prof. Shudhanshu after the meeting we finalized the date (6th Oct. 2017) for the event.

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On the day of event, we reached the venue on time all the students welcomed us. Shahbaz started with the event and I was helping him during the event after Shahbaz introduced students about Mozilla , Opensource, How to contribute, It was my turn to take the talk on Web Compatibility after the talk I also showed the student demo on how to file a report at Web Compatibility ,all the things went pretty well and after that Mahtab gave talk on L10n let the student knew how a non coder can still contribute to open-source.  At last we created Mozilla Club at Rai University and took group pictures.

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After reaching home I opened facebook their was numbers of request to join Mozilla Jharkhand Community group and after approving they started to introduce themselves. The next day we saw our work on the local NewsPaper and that was really awesome for Mozilla Jharkhand Community.

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Do what you love , Love what you do!!